Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween 2014

This has been one of my favorite Halloweens in a long time. I have always wanted to dress up as Sleeping Beauty or Aurora or Briar Rose.....whatever you want to call her. This year me and my friends decided to be our favorite Disney Princesses on a budget. Instead of buying our costumes we put them together with whatever we had. For me that meant sewing. This was my first time sewing a full outfit. I have sewn little things in the past like aprons and curtains so this was a challenge. I am really happy with our costumes and had even more fun seeing the incredible costumes at the Halloween Parade in NYC. Here are some pictures from the day, night and our fun green screen photo shoot!

Sleeping Beauty, Ariel and Belle

We are officially real Disney Princesses with the power of green screen. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Battle of the Videos

A video I created for our award-winning AT&T Device Launch video series for the Nokia Lumia 830. A combination of live action footage, motion graphics and animation, showcasing the device. My responsibilities included filming, editing, animating and designing. This is very exciting for me because this is the first video that I had full responsibility for and filmed.

However, just when life cant get any sweeter who but my little dog Mufflet steals my spotlight? Mufflet has reached stardom by appearing one of our Device Launch videos for the Kyocera! Check her out at 2:27!!!

Which video is better me or Mufflets scene?