Monday, May 14, 2012

Closer to Graduating

I got these surprise gifts from my Mom today! Yeah I am almost a college grad :) Friday is the big day.

Also I met up with my friend in children's publishing today and we chatted about all my children's work. Then after a discussion on the idea of e-books and interactive work for kids, I saw this.
I will keep this is mind. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Business Card!

I finished my business card design and its finally a tangible thing I can hold in my hand! I needed them for portfolio night and it came the day of. That was a close one.

Here is the final design I sent out last Sunday. I used, thats what all my friends used as well. Good site if you are wondering.

The felt bee on my mood board is holding it up! Side note: I need to update my mood board I have discovered so many new artists recently.

My friend gave me an idea to cut the bottom right corner off to push the perspective of the foot. So one of these nights I will probably be cutting away at 100's of little cards. That sounds right up my alley. Animator Chris Landreth once said that animators are masochists.

This is some process work before reaching the final design. A lot of playing around.


Here is my poster and DVD Design for my Degree Project "Happy Memory".

My poster at Portfolio Night. Also a shot of everyone setting up before the MFA Show.

Lastly here is a poster I made for my room.

I started coloring this a few nights ago. This is just for fun. Its so cool to see how much it transforms with color. 

MFA Show

I am honored to have my work be featured at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston tonight and to be showing among a collection of brilliant animators and close friends. Check out my senior show on Digg!

Also look what my amazing friend Maggie Cass made for our after party, designer chocolates with the Mass Art animation label my friend Erik Funk designed.

Monday, May 7, 2012


So aside from being an animator I am also a freelance make up artist and hair stylist. I have a love for hair and make up just like all girls. For me its another form of character design. These are the most recent shows I have worked on for fashion events.

I did the hair for this collection by Katrina Brown, recent MassArt alum. Make sure to like her on facebook, for her stunning garments.


This is another event I did for my good friend Victoria Black, a fibers major at Mass Art and nerd enthusiast! Check out her amazing Senior Thesis "The Awesome That Is Nerd".