Friday, May 4, 2012

"Catch of the Night" © Typed

“Catch of the Night”
By Stephanie Gibree

Where do we come from?
Look up at the sky!
At first we are stars.
Shining and shy.
We need some help
To catch our momma’s eye.

That’s where Frank comes in…

While we are sleeping snug in our beds,
Frank the fisherman comes out instead.
He goes to his roof and prepares his line,
Wonders what he is going to find.

He makes his first cast into the night.
Waits and waits…
Until he feels a bite.
Sometimes he gets the unexpected or odd.
Throws them back and continues his job.

The stars bob and swim
Until he reels them in
And then off in his basket
For deliverin’.

Frank is as fit as a fiddle
Frank is 5,643,569,274 years little.

In all the years he’s fished for me and you
He hasn’t caught his own star
Not one or even two!

He imagines each star to say,
“I’m yours! I belong to you!”
But instead he hears,
“I’m not yours! I belong to Mr. and Mrs. Laroo.”
Or whatever indeed is true.

Nibble nibble
Twinkle Twinkle****

No bites tonight.

a hard tug
gives Frank a fright

H e ’ s  p u l l e d  t o  h i s  t o e s
What will
Who knows?

Will Frank get pulled up?

He slides down the roof,
Buuuumps his head 
And chips a tooth.

The shingles give out one by one
Frank thinks he a goner, he’s done!

Poor Frank…

He thinks:
“The Stars have never given me so much grief!”
But then
Frank sees a burst of relief…

A light so bright,
The sky it tore right through!
I didn’t see that coming,
Did you?

He clenched his eyes so tight
For it was way too bright
The chill of night was gone
The warmth of day pushed on

“Frank, I’m yours! I belong to you!
I’m 1,000,000,000,002”
Frank had found his Star
The words rang true.

It was his son.

It was our Sun that lights our days
And warms us with its golden rays.

The warmth on his body sank to his heart
For they were no longer apart.

The years have been outrun!
Our time has just begun!
                                                                                              But Frank I am the Sun.
                                                                                            Its my heart you’ve won.

Every cast I’ve made was wrong
        But I’ve been with you all along.

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