Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Summer Course

 Here are some pictures from my summer course, Figure in Clay with Gerry Hoag. Gerry is one of my favorite teachers at Mass Art I took Life Drawing with him my sophomore year and it changed the way I  think about the human figure. Gerry is a sculptor outside of teaching therefor he's always thinking in 3-d. He taught me to think 3 dimensionally when drawing in 2-d and I saw a huge improvement in my drawing skills. Later I took stop motion and a course in Maya which further caused me to think three dimensionally. So I was really excited to take Gerry's course Figure in Clay this summer. I learned a lot from working in 3d I think it has further improved the way I observe the figure and it will definitely come into play when working in 3d computer programs or any kind of real 3d work for stop motion or other projects.
 So here are some pictures I took on my phone during the whole process of my sculpture. I still want to finish it in wax so I will post final pictures soon.

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