Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bates Motel Fan Art

I am a big fan of "Bates motel" and it is officially on Netflix. Me and my friend spent the weekend bingeing on Season 1. Which led to me to draw some fan art of the show. For those not in the loop, it is a prequel to the movie "Psycho", and depicts the early life of Norman Bates.
Emma (left) and Bradley (right) are two main love interests for Norman and the first friends he makes after moving to a new town. Emma has cystic fibrosis and a life expectancy 27. She has an old soul and is used to facing death everyday, with her condition and her father the taxedermist. Bradley is the girl everyone wants and she wanted Norman for a brief moment. After her fathers unexpected death she hasn't been the same, such as going after Normans older brother Dylan. Norman can't let go of his lust for Bradley even though him and Emma have a real understanding of each other and a true friendship. 
This all comes to a head at a dance Norman attends with Emma but can't stop looking at Bradley…

The image is originally from my Instagram, follow me for more drawings!

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