Saturday, October 1, 2011

My character Design

This is a character design I created for my Design for Animation class last semester. This character is based on a good friend of mine who I used to work with. She is an amazing woman who I am blessed to have known. Below is my write up for the character, a cover page, process work, the final design in line form, the character sheet, three environments,and a still image of a scene.
This class was so much fun for me and I really learned a lot. It took so many drawings to get to the final look and its really cool now to look back on my process page to see the transformation. I learned that you have give yourself a lot of options and draw as much as possible.

Feedback and critique is always welcome. :)

Fran is a seventy-seven year young woman who is a manager of a women’s intimate apparel store, who has always devoted her life to fashion. She was a buyer for a lingerie line in her youth. She traveled to New York and met with designers, taking her pick of the best pieces. In her day, designers would bribe buyers with gifts and events to sway the buyers to pick more from their collection.
This led to Fran leading a life of luxury with some of the most talented, rich and famous people of the fashion world. Fran was a beautiful, young, bold and successful woman. She was very untraditional for her time. In her twenties she posed nude for a friend of hers who was a photographer: a scandalous thing to do at the time.
The store she currently works at is quaint and family run, but she treats it as if it were Saks Fifth Avenue. She is a hard worker and knows what she wants. She has been known to make employees and customers cry with her bold and honest comments.
However, most customers come to the store for Fran, and claim they can’t buy anything without her approval. She has a passion for women and expects them to be presented as ladies. Don’t let her age fool you - she runs circles around the younger employees. Her knowledge of fashion cannot be contained and all her co-workers - whether they like it or not - will get schooled by her.
Fran wears garish and luxurious fashion pieces that always come with a fascinating story behind them. Her apartment is filled with treasures representing her past and who she is. She makes sure to keep them perfectly on display allowing her to relive those moments at any time. Even as an older woman in her seventies, Fran is still fabulous.

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