Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dr Jekyll

I have been reading one of my favorite books recently, "The Curious Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson. I wanted to draw Dr Jekyll's facial expression as he is mentally turning into Mr Hyde right before he starts to physically change. When I do find the time to finish this I think I would like it to be mostly cool tones and a limited light source from above causing him to have an eerie glow. Also I want the focus to be his eyes, there windows into his mind. I remembered to document some of the process this time. 

I think it would be cool to make another drawing of Mr Hyde to go right next to this one. Maybe he would be facing the other way as a fully changed Mr Hyde and when the pictures were next to each other it would be like they were back to back. It could have opposite coloring very warm tones and bright light. We'll see. 

I recently read "Treasure Island" another Robert Louis Stevenson story for my Childrens Literature class. This class is amazing we read and analyze classic children stories and then for the final we make a children's book!  

Being a fan of  “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” I found a lot of similar themes within “Treasure Island”.  Stevenson grew up with Victorian ideals such as practicality, success and devoutness. Being bottled up by his Victorian upbringing he always felt the need to break free which can be seen in the struggle that rages between one man in “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”. Treasure Island contains similar values of society being too uptight and finding the adventure in your life. 

The other great class I am taking is The Graphic Novel, a class about comic books. Again we read and analyze comics and then make a graphic novel for the final! What a fun semester. I am writing a paper for the class this week and will post it when its finished seeing as it applies to what I do. 

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