Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Little House on The Prairie

While discussing "Little House On The Prairie" in class today I remembered something I did when I was little that I completely forgot about. We were talking about what psychological effects books can have on children for better or for worse. I started talking about how I thought a child could read 'Little House...' and go off into there back yard to have adventures on the Prairie and play survival.
I then remembered how I used to run away as a kid. My version of running away was getting a stick and handkerchief, like a hobo, packing snacks and stuff to draw with and going to the backyard. I would go to my mom with my sack over my shoulder, nose in the air and state 'I'm running away'. She would play along and say "Oh no! Really?", I'd say "Yes." She would get me prepared with everything I needed on my own. She would say "I'll miss you and I love you!" Back turned I'd say "I have to go now."
I would head out to the woods behind our house, eat my snacks and color. Shortly after I'd think she was so nice to me when I left. Maybe they are nice. I would look up towards my house. What if they really think I'm gone? I cant be on my own! Will they take me back? I would run up to the house find my mom, "I'm home!". She would make a big fuss and say "I'm so happy your back!". I liked the fuss made over me when I returned.

I ran away a lot. lol

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