Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Peter Pan (playscript)

Growing up I never read Peter Pan but I did watch the Rogers and Hammerstein version of Peter Pan on tape so I always saw the play version of Peter Pan. As a kid I never realized it was a play that was being filmed. I just thought it was an old movie and that’s why it was a little different.
            The relationship of Mr and Mrs Darling is interesting. I wonder if JM Barrie chose the name Darling, because they are in fact not ‘darling’. JM Barrie portrays Mr Darling as the grown up no one wants to become. He is the grown man of the book but he is nothing for kids to look up to. It makes you not want to grow up and become a stuffy adult. He has no imagination and is uncomfortable with himself. The idea of growing up or to be like Mr. Darling is pushed. The life JM Barrie portrays for one who is to grow up is unappealing.
I think its interesting that Peter and the lost boys even want a mother. Its as if they feel the emptiness of there situation but wont admit it to themselves or each other. They are building a grown up life in a world of innocence. Deep down they need a mother and family. Whats the difference if they have one in the real world or in neverland? Wendy doesn’t want to grow up but she wants to mother everyone, whats more grown up than that? Ultimately you need to grow up. The idea is to grow up and never lose your spirit you had as a child. There must be balance.

Lastly, How cute is this?!

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