Saturday, February 23, 2013

Big Sister

This is a photo of a family friend of mine. His name is Tanner and his family is going through a rough time right now. Sometimes parents cant give their children the time they need when dealing with a family crisis. I have been offering my time to Tanner the past few months as sort of a big sister. I cant afford to buy him cool stuff or take him any where fun to play and thats ok. All he needs is someone to include him. 


He really likes to draw and being an artist I am more than happy to encourage his creativity. For Christmas I gave him some of my old art materials that I dont use and he has been enjoying them ever since, including some very nice markers that he was eyeing!  

I saw him yesterday for a pizza/ movie night and watched The Nightmare Before Christmas. He helped me clean my room and showed me his new Sonic The Hedgehog comic and a picture he is trying to paint. While cleaning my room we found my old Nintendo DS and gave it to him then we played Scribblenauts. 

One of my favorite memories with Tanner is when I let him draw in my sketchbook. I told him how special my sketchbook was to me and that I never let anyone draw in it. He appreciated me including him in something that iss important to me and is becoming important to him as well.

I think one of the biggest struggles for children is people treating them like children. Often they are smarter than all of us. I will learn more from Tanner than he will learn from me.  


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