Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Catch Of The Night" in Book Form

This is a short video I took on my phone to show you the style of the book I made for, Catch of The Night. In case your new around here, this started as a story for my Children's Literature class from last year. I am in the process of turning this into an animation and consider this a draft. 

One of my goals for this has always been having the design start as an inverted line and transform to the opposite, just as the night turns to day within the story. Click here for past posts for this project from design to completion!

Also if your interested in book arts this is called an accordion style binding. The story is set on the roof of a tall house with a man fishing in the sky, therefor height was a big theme for him. This book style allowed me to work with that. For my animation I would like to channel this idea further maybe with a constant scroll movement, I'm not sure yet. 


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