Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Mini Biography

I wrote a fairly entertaining biography of my life for a job I applied to at Nickelodeon a couple months ago. Should I incorporate some of this into my "About" section on here?

Stephanie Gibree had a lot of trouble learning how to ride a bike and rode a scooter until she was nine years old. She was not a natural athlete. However, she was born an artist! People often referred to her as a character. This trait began to manifest in her life quite literally at the whim of her parents.


To achieve the simplicity of bedtime, her father had to pretend his home was a hotel and that Stephanie was a little old lady in search of a room for the evening. She would not go to bed until she was given a full tour and found a room that was satisfactory. At age 5, her mother was instructed to assist and include her imaginary friend, ‘The Professor’ in their daily lives.  This included things like setting an extra place for him at the table and buckling him into his own car seat.


Thankfully, Stephanie is much easier to work with now and applies her sense of character into the world of animation. A perfect career choice fueled from strong imaginations.


Stephanie spent time crafting her skills and her passion only grew. She enrolled herself in a life drawing class outside of school and listened with intent all the way to the front door of Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Upon acceptance, her long awaited journey into animation began. She produced work centered in children's media, experimented in an array of mediums and absorbed feedback from fellow classmates and friends.


Stephanie now abides by the phrase “Do not be afraid to fail.” She believes that being an artist takes courage, not just for slaying dragons, but also for challenging limits and reaching one’s dreams. This spirited girl is currently on the hunt for her dream job in the animation industry. Look out, she hugs!

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